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What digital transformation is, today, for our customers & employees

Gone are the days that it is technology led, and luckily, this means we can focus on the value that our customers bring in, by creating connected, digital and non digital experiences that help add value to your customers, employee’ and ultimately your business.

In essence, digital transformation covers everything that helps run your business in the most optimal way, for today’s and tomorrow’s customers. Some call it business transformation, others organisational or company change, but all cover….  Your ways of working, your company culture, your organisational set-up and technology

The elements of digital transformation

1 - Ways of working

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What processes do you have in place, are they optimised for your customer and employee needs & how can you use technology to enable them? 

Do you need to refine your customer or employee experience, maybe for a new service or product launch, or entry into a new market?

2 - Your company culture

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Considering how happy & engaged your employees are. Are they in the right mindset to back your company change, do they know how it affects them and do they feel they can make a personal contribution to it? And all, if not the majority needs to feel personally connected to it, for the change to take effect.

Do you have an environment that inspires innovation, or creative mindset within your employees? An open culture to challenge existing ways of working and try, experiment and play new things?

3 - Your organisational set-up

The 3 cogs represent our connection to each other, no matter the role we play within an organisation, it's our connections to others that make the movement happen
Does your current organization set-up align with your company goals, or do you need to consider a new structure that empowers decision making and accountability outside the current leadership team?

Maybe you need to move from a de-centralized structure that will enable a more agile way of working within markets?

Or, you need a cross-functional team set-up armed with design thinking principals to easily adapt to the needs of your customers?

4 - Technology

What systems and technology do you currently have in place, are you using best practices to optimise your current way of working and safeguard you from major changes in the coming years?

How are you using technology to easily adapt to customers’ demands and hopefully surpass them?

What is on the horizon, that could disrupt your business model?

Are you embracing, or at least playing with trending, disruptive technology so you remain a variable business for years to come?

Our human approach to
Digital Transformation

Our human approach to Digital Transformation

We focus our change around humans, your customers, clients, stakeholders & employees. Helping you to understand the needs & experiences they want and crave, then, connect the technology, ways of working, culture & your organisation around these experiences.

“There is simplicity in change when you connect it to people”

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We align to your Customer Experience

With so much choice, the customer typically make their decisions based on emotions, how they feel whilst interacting with your product or service. So we align your digital transformation to the customer experiences you need place.

“Change is personal, hence we need to make it that way. But how, is in the art of the change”

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Shape change fueled by your Employee Experience

The emotions of your employees will either fuel your change, or put a full stop to it. So we help each employee build a personal connection to your company change.

We’ve developed a framework, that enables each individual to build a personal connection to the change, to form an understanding of what it means to them, the value it personally gives them and the individual actions they can take to empower it.

This framework can enable us to create the individual connections, but at scale.

How we work with you and your employees to adopt change

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We offer a blend of consultancy, mentoring & training services, focusing on what you need to change, why and how, arming you and your employees with the knowledge & capabilities to implement your changes.

There isn’t a one size fit’s all model for company change, but we can offer fixed costs or outcome based proposals.

We can do as little or as much as you want, from setting your overall business transformation strategy, helping you find a way out of a mess and get your change back on track, or maybe you need some ideas on how to create your company change culture.

Want support with your Digital Transformation?

Send us a brief message on where you want help and we’ll organise a chat. No hard sales, just a meeting of the minds to find solutions.